Hi My Friends! Welcome!
I'm happy to present my artwork to you.  I have a true passion for re-creating the wonders of this world with  this   amazing  plastic medium, acrylic paint ! God gives us so much to inspire us, we need never look too far for the next wonder !!! 
 I discovered acrylics when I attended  Auburn University over 40 years ago.  My major was Design, which  helps me understand  the elements that go into creating  a strong painting .
 I also attended the Universitat Salzburg , in Austria for additional art training, as well as Universitat Heidelberg again for art training. That was a long time ago but it stuck...
I love to teach others  who have an appetite to learn. 
Painting is wonderfully fun and is a bit like working a puzzle....Its challenging, and pushes you to find solutions to a creative process that ( hopefully) results in something pleasing to the eye! 
I have taught painting classes in private as well as public school environments for many years.  I've taugh adult classes as well as private lessons. I love to teach, but I also love to paint for others. I've  sold my paintings all over the southeast and have been a self -supporting artist for my entire career . I've sold to decorators , commissioned many pieces , have shown in a variety of galleries.  
 I'm from Alabama, but Atlanta was my home for most of my adult life. I came to the beach about 10 years ago, and have been involved in the art community in Seaside, Fla. and  the 30a corridor.
I am available for commission and am able to replicate any of the paintings you see on this site in a different size.  Of couse that means it will be slightly different, but I can match colors if you have swatches you would like me to match.  All paintings are original paintings --these are NOT prints.

‚ÄčPolli Art